we’re connected, so you don’t have to be...

Florida timberland owners are typically busy people, we understand that you may not have the resources necessary to keep up with all the up’s & down’s of the timber industry. That’s what we do. For the past several decades, our network of industry professionals have been directly involved in finding and maximizing the best markets available for landowners on a daily basis.

We know when to sell certain types of timber and when definitely not to.  We know a lot of subtle details about the buyers and sellers of forestry products...stuff you would only know if you've been on the front lines of the timber industry.  And, we work closely with many other companies that provide the services that make your land healthier and better.

Timber services to help you manage your land for future generations:

  • timber buying
  • chipping/grinding
  • land management
  • tree planting
  • timber management plans
  • prescribed fire