Our mission


The history and mission of harvest logistics

Growing up in Georgia, our founder Tom Williams' family owned thousands of acres of land and timber. They were, like many, land rich but cash poor. As result of a lack of knowledge, the family was forced to slowly sell off most of their land holdings for financial reasons.

Land ownership is one of the greatest privileges an American can have. Once land is lost it's twice as hard to gain it back. So, Tom decided to go to forestry school in hopes that he could help other families be able to keep their land for life by finding multiple streams of income from their natural resource.

Our mission at Harvest Logistics is to invest our time educating and assisting landowners so they can get the maximum benefits from their forestland and be able to pass it on to future generations to enjoy.

Professional forestry services to private timberland owners

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The Mission Behind Our Mission

If you ask anyone on our team what their role is with Harvest, they will undoubtedly tell you that each one of us are merely stewards of God's company. We're of the opinion that at the end of the day we don't truly own anything; God owns it all and we are simply managers that shepherd over His resources and the clients he brings us to care for. It seems like a radical thing to say in today's world but our company culture is Christian-based. Our goal and the thing that drives us is our desire to honor our Savior by attempting to mirror His excellence in everything we do.