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Tom williams

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With a background in timber procurement and forest products manufacturing, Tom Williams is the founder and senior forester for Harvest Logistics. For over two decades he has provided forestry services to both private timberland owners and on environmentally sensitive public lands. A graduate of Auburn University School of Forestry, Tom's experience includes the establishment and management of fast growing eucalyptus plantations. He has provided private consultation related to eucalyptus to timber industry and bioenergy companies in Florida, Texas, Hawaii, and Belize.

Chad Good

Timber Procurement Manager / Certified Arborist
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With a diverse background in logging, forestry, and arboriculture, Chad Good is in charge of timber procurement for Harvest Logistics. He provides consultations to forest landowners and manages all harvesting operations. As a Certified Arborist, Chad can diagnose health issues in trees, make recommendations, and treat for pests and diseases. Chad is a longtime resident of Brooksville, Florida with his wife Tara and four children.

Kim Williams

Marketing Manager
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Growing up on a farm in Illinois gave Kim a love for the outdoors. After owning her own company for 6 years, Kim sold it to take on marketing & website projects for her husband, Tom. She's not afraid to put the Harvest logo on anything and everything. She loves traveling, hiking and her Chihuahua, Spike.